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We empower people to experience and engage in God's Kingdom now!



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What Does Pneuma Mean?

“Pneuma” (pronounced nooma) is the Greek word for the Holy Spirit, the breath of God, the creative force in every person. The Pneuma Life is the eternal and personal reality of God’s creative force. It is the manifestation, by the power of the Holy Spirit, of God’s Kingdom in lives that are devoted, by grace and through faith, to Lord Jesus Christ.

You have been amazingly and uniquely fashioned by an infinitely Creative Designer! Your very life-force is God-breathed and interwoven with divine purpose and destiny!

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Pneuma is family. Life is not always easy and when one struggles, you're not alone. Regardless of the many seasons you face, God gave you the precious gift of others to walk with you and bring guidance. Whether it be a personal crisis, loss of a family member, marriage counseling or biblical guidance, we believe that the local church is a place of support, encouragement, and empowerment.


Pneuma is community. As children of God, we know that our time on earth should be used to love and be loved within the context of a natural and spiritual family. Connecting to one another is vital as we grow in relationship with God and His Word. Community and relationships are developed in Bible studies, Freedom Groups, and ministries for every member of the family.

Pneuma Now

Pneuma studies the Word. It is our mission to empower and equip every believer to experience God's Kingdom Now and we know that there is no greater resource for your spiritual growth than studying God's Word which is impactful and applicable for everyday life. Here you can access weekly sermon videos, blog posts and other helpful resources to help you in your study.

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