Pneuma is Home (family)

God is our Father and we are part of the family of God. (We are a place to grow, learn, connect, celebrate, relate, gather together and experience hospitality, to rest and refresh, a place of comfort, to be equipped for release.)

Pneuma is Intentional

Everything and everyone has a place and there’s a place for everything and everyone. (We are intentional with our impact, discipleship, communication, investment in the growth of our teams, accessibility to resources and empowerment.)

Pneuma is Faithful

We make the most of who and what God has given us because we are only here for His mission, His vision, His church.

Pneuma is Real

We are real (genuine/authentic) people doing real life.

Pneuma is Visionary

We are imaginative, creative, inventive and open to the gifting and leading of the Holy Spirit.

Pneuma is Courageous

We have the courage to operate in faith, freedom, wholeness, and obedience.

Pneuma is Joyful

We are joy-filled and happy people. We cultivate fun and enjoy each others’ company.

Pneuma is Generous

We choose, cheerfully, to give of our time, talent, and treasures.


Reach & Connect

We reach the lost for Christ and encourage others to do the same, connecting people to the Church and the community of believers.

Disciple & Equip

We disciple and equip people in the knowledge and understanding of the Word, loving and living in freedom, and discipling others.

Community & Care

We encourage people to find their place in an authentic and healthy, Jesus-centered community where they can be loved and cared for and encouraged to love and care for themselves and others. 

Proclaim & Purpose

We proclaim God’s Word and encourage people to live in truth and according to God’s Word, live with Godly purpose and for God’s glory, grow in the ability to hear and respond to the Holy Spirit, and function in God-given gifts. 

Lead & Release

We lead people into identifying both their calling and purpose in Christ, developing leaders, releasing people to bear fruit, advance the Kingdom, and develop other leaders.