Pneuma Kids FAQs

What is the safety policy/procedure for Pneuma Kids?

Pneuma Life’s Safety Team places two Team Members in the Pneuma Kids area each week. Joining the Safety Team is the “On Call” Pneuma Kids Team Lead. This is one of our 3 Team Leads and each week they remain in the area to assist with anything the Check-In or Classroom might need. The “On Call” Team Lead has access to our notification system, in the event you are needed.

Who do you identify who is permitted to be in the Pneuma Kids area during services?

At Pneuma Kids, we’ve made it easy for you as a parent to quickly identify and know who is allowed in our Pneuma Kids area.

  • All Pneuma Kids Team Leaders wear a lanyard with a GREEN tag that says their name
  • All Pneuma Kids Volunteers wear a lanyard with a GREEN tag that says “Volunteer”
  • All Pneuma Kids P252 Volunteers wear a lanyard with an ORANGE tag that says “P252 Volunteer”
  • Nursing Mothers wear a lanyard with a PURPLE tag that says “Nursing Mother”
  • Pneuma Life Safety team wears designated GREY Safety Team shirts
  • Parents wear a Parent Tag somewhere visible to Safety Team and Pneuma Kids Volunteers
  • Children wear a Child Tag on their back

What is the process for drop-off and pick-up for Pneuma Kids?

Drop-Off (Check-In) for Pneuma Kids starts at 9:45 am. At the Pneuma Kids check-in table, our volunteers will find your child’s name in the Breeze application and print off TWO tags.

  1. The first tag is the child’s tag and will be placed on your child’s back. This tag has their first and last name, the date, allergy information, photo consent, parent phone number and the ID code in case we need to contact you.
  2. The second tag is the parent’s tag and will be placed on your person, preferably on the shoulder for easy visibility. This tag has your child’s name, ID code number, and the date.
  3. Nursery guests with a bag will have a BRIGHT GREEN wristband attached to the bag with the child’s name written on it.

Parents are free to escort their child to class, once the check-in process has been completed. Parents are then to circle to the sanctuary using the entrance by the restrooms instead of returning down the hall.

All FIRST-TIME families are escorted through the process by a Kids Check-In Team Member.

Pneuma Kids Pick-Up is quick and easy. Parents return to the classroom where a teacher or Check-In Team Member will be standing by the door. Parents say the child’s name and the Volunteer calls for the child. We remove both tags and parents are free to leave.

Can we pre-register our child before our first visit to Pneuma Life Church to make the Check-In process a little faster?

All first-time Pneuma Kids guests are asked to fill out a form with the child and parent information. If you are planning to attend Pneuma as a first-time guest and would like to fill out the form ahead of time, please click the link below: