P252 Student Ministries

P252 KnowBeDo

P252 is the middle & high school student ministry for

Pneuma Life Church and is based on Luke 2:52:

 "And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and Man."


Our heart is that every student will come to:

-Know what it means to grow in relationship with Jesus (wisdom).
-Be a person who stands for freedom and wholeness (stature).
-Do things with grace and faithfulness (favor).

P252 Collective Nights

Collective nights are gatherings that take place biweekly. At these gatherings students will be able to engage in worship, a short message and collective groups that are separated by the grade the student is in.

P252 Hangouts

Hangouts are a time where our Core Team and students gather to have a fun faith filled night. These nights are meant to build intentional relationships in a fun and safe environment.

P252 Sundays

Each week P252 will be apart of our Sunday experience, with two options of how they can get involved. Biweekly, students will be able to hang out, worship and listen to the message with one another. Students will have a designated area to meet up, hang out and grab some snacks before service starts. Five minutes before service begins students will grab a seat together in the sanctuary. They will be able to engage in our Sunday service while building the P252 community.
Opposite weeks give our P252 students the option to serve our church alongside our Kingdom Kids Core Team.

Find out more about P252

Email us to have a P252 Leader contact you today to tell you more about this incredible student ministry!