Our Team


SErve Team Leads

PLC Serve teams are led by Andrew & Kim Bourke. The Bourkes have incredible energy and commitment to serving God’s people with love and excellence and ensure that every person who comes to our church knows that they are welcomed & wanted. 

Worship & Creative Arts Leads

The PLC Worship Team is led by Pastor Jessica Huffman, while our Creative & Tech Arts teams are led by Brandi Cortes-Hickson. Jessica & Brandi share a passion for creative service in the Kingdom and are committed to creating an atmosphere that invites people to encounter God in an intimate and impactful way not just on Sundays but every day. 


CARE Team Leads

Todd & Sue Taylor lead our CARE ministries at Pneuma. They fully believe that Jesus is our WHY, people are the WHO, and compassion is the HOW. Todd & Sue coordinate all CARE services offered through PLC from practical assistance to prayer & counseling. 

Outreach Team Leads

Outreach at PLC is led by Brian Maisch. Brian has a heart after God’s and a great passion for leading the church to be the hands & feet of Jesus to a world in need. From international missions support to local community outreach projects, Brian exemplifies the great commission of Jesus from Matthew 28:19 which tells us to go into all the world, preach the gospel, and make disciples.


Freedom Leads

Freedom ministries at Pneuma Life Church are led by Bob & Mary Swindle. Their heart for seeing God’s children live freely and abundantly have led them to teach, encourage, and guide others in removing obstacles and strongholds from their relationship with Jesus and stepping into freedom that God has to offer each of us. 

Marriage Leads

Marriage ministries at PLC are led by John & Stephanie Oldham. Trained through The Gottman Institute, Focus on the Family, and Marriage Today, John & Steph have a deep desire to see marriage relationships strengthened through a deep & abiding relationship with Jesus and one another by offering education, support, and counseling for couples at Pneuma Life Church and throughout the Jacksonville area.


Generational Ministries lead

Our general ministries (nursery-high school) are led by Jordan Wade. Jordan's passion for instilling the passion of the Kingdom into the next generation extends from our babies in Pneuma Kids to our middle & high school students through P252.