JP, Elizabeth, & Yahna Ott are missionaries with World Outreach Ministries and moved to the Czech Republic in June of 2018.  The Otts were married in 2011 and have one beautiful daughter, with hopes of more to come!  Prior to the Czech Republic, they served in Thailand for one year teaching English as an outreach tool and doing weekly village outreaches in addition to three months in Burkina Faso doing a missions internship.  In the Czech Republic, they will work closely under the leadership at Life Church Prague and volunteering at the Life Center.  JP also has a position with a government project in Prague as a roving English teacher.  This is a very strategic position to building relationships in the community where the Life Center is located.

Giving: www.worldoutreach.org/599

Links: www.lifechurch.cz



Kingsley and Melissa have been married for 28 years and have 3 children, Hannah, Isaac, and Isabel. Missionaries with Go To Nations since 2010, they have been serving in Greece with A21 an organization that fights human trafficking since 2013. Their life-changing, eye-opening, and heartrending experiences working with over 100 trafficking survivors in Greece have strengthened a passion for seeking and saving the lost both physically and spiritually. This is coupled with a sober understanding that in order for this immense work to be done, it will take more hands. The answer lies in multiplication and mobilization. Now, The Johnsons are accepting this next assignment in Cyprus, an island strategically placed in the midst of the middle east.

Giving: https://gotonations.org/missionary/johnson

Contact: kingsley.johnson@gotonations.org


We also provide missions support to the following missionaries & organizations: 

Lisa Lilly — Tanzania
Kehilat HaCarmel — Israel