No matter where you have been or where you are now, you can start a new chapter in the story of your life’s journey. There are many options for you to choose from as you take that first step and get connected into the Pneuma Life Church Community. Attend weekly services, participate in a community outreach, and so much more.



We have ministries in place to support every member of your family. Each ministry at Pneuma Life Church is designed to encourage & equip you no matter where you are on your journey with the Lord. 

Pneuma Life Church


The Pneuma Care Team is here for you.  If you need support in any of the areas listed below, please click the button below. A member of our CARE team will schedule time to sit down with you, as soon as possible, and get you the help you need during challenging seasons of life.



Whether you need someone to join with to pray for healing, the restoration of a relationship, or simply for guidance we are here. No prayer is too big for God to answer and no prayer too small for God to hear.



Whether we are serving at a local community center, helping in our neighborhoods, or supporting missions in the Czech Republic, it is our honor to love people as Jesus did.